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ARTMazing: Lady Gaga Performing Do What U Want At The AMAs

Lady gaga at the AMAs. OMG can we get a what what! And a yes yes! Gaga’s performance was amazing. For those who don’t have a life, Lady Gaga performed at the American Music Awards last night and gurl let me tell you, that was the best performance of the night. Some people said Miley’s was the best performance well I would of payed attention if it wasn’t for that cat in the background that distracted me from her singing. Some say it was Jennifer Lopez…. It’s the American Music Awards… But I do agree every performance was great in it’s own way but Gaga’s was still the best. She had the choice to perform Do What U Want like the studio version but the bitch made it something of her own that combined it with jazz and pop rock. It was perfect. She could sold MANY sales of the song but she didn’t want to do it for the sake of the sales but for the sake of the art. In this performance she showed a different view of what Do What U Want is all about. Telling the media what to Do What U Want with her body. “You can’t take my heart/ and you wont use my mind/ but you can do what you want with my body.” EEEEH! Get it? She’s talking about the media who can print what they want about her but they will never take her dignity. But in the song she tells it in a sexy way that has a double meaning to the song. Telling to the lover Gaga is singing to, “I love you dearly so much you can do what you want with my body but just know what ever happens you will never take my heart and my brain. I say brain because I’m smart and if you ever hurt me I’ll use my brain to seek revenge.” I dunno bad example but you get it right? Plus Gaga’s ARTPOP could mean anything. Maybe this song has another meaning that we don’t even know. The whole time during this performance I was fangirling on twitter because it was AMAZING. The choreography reminds me of a Broadway show preferably Annie because that’s my favorite musical ever, Gaga’s outfit sparkly and flawless, Gaga’s weave UHH YES, Gaga’s vocals (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and R. Kelly’s vocals as well. I wish at the end the producers would of given Gaga at least 10 seconds of applause. Literally right after the performance they moved onto something else. I want to hear the applause because the applause is the only thing that gives the room energy. I don’t know if you guys noticed but after the performance there was a silence because Gaga slayed. We were all captivated with the performance and reading the screen saying, this was amazing. You can tell Gaga worked so hard for the performance to be memorable and did a good job well. I just wished I was able to see the celebs stand up for Gaga and clap for her to see who is real and who is boring and lame. Just know you don’t have to be a fan to say Gaga’s performance was clever.

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