My day


Can you hear that? It’s all the gays rejoicing ART POP.

I’m so glad ARTPOP is finally here. The moment i’ve been waiting for is finally here. My wonderland wishes I had a rebellious best friend to post promo of ARTPOP around my town. Have a scotch tape with ARTPOP all over it and post everywhere around the mall. Preferably Aerocombie and Fitch because they are bitches for making me feel self conscious and basically saying you have to be cool to wear their clothes. It’s okay though, they have ugly clothes. Also on on the benches, outside of starbucks, replace the warning tape, toilet paper, sales receipts, with artpop tape. If only I were rich too. :(

Buying ARTPOP today was a fucking drag I CANNOT.

In the afternoon my mom offered to take me to Target to buy the album and then asked, “Why don’t you buy it on iTunes?” Because I want the actual CD. But she was right, why not? I couldn’t find my CD player to plug into my laptop so it was reasonable. So I told her to head home instead. Halfway on the way home I was like, NO I NEED THIS ALBUM. So I asked her if she could go back but my bitchy, lazy, mexican mother said no but offered to take me to Walmart because she needed to buy some things.

When I got there… They didn’t have any. I asked a worker where the heck my ARTPOP is at and he said that it won’t be for sale until tomorrow… BITCH THEY GO ON SALE TODAY. YOU JUST LOST A CUSTOMER. This is another reason why I HATE Walmart. GET YOUR SALES TOGETHER. I was so frustrated that I just ordered it on Amazon with the mp3 files and that, was a drag as well. It wouldn’t download onto my iPhone. Every time I try to import the album it tells me that the sync import session failed to finish…? What the heck? This is when I pull a Glozell and break my laptop but since I’m poor I’m not going to do it. So for now I’m listening to ARTPOP from the amazon music player app. It’s not that bad anyways.

Oh the things I do for Gaga.

The kindness of ARTPOP just fulfills my heart. My favorite thing about all of this is reading what others have to say about ARTPOP.

Expect many ARTPOP reblogs through out the week. From me going nice to mean. You just never know what my bi-polar disorder will bring to me.

Oh and don’t be a bitch, BUY ARTPOP ON ITUNES!

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