My day


OH MY GOD! YOU SEE WHAT THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS DOES TO ME! I woke this morning having a horrible nightmare. I don’t remember much but I do remember it was totally fantasy cause I remember running away from bad guys with my best friend while hiding in somebody’s apartment. But what I do remember is finding out my mom isn’t my real mom. Could she be dead? Is she alive? I guess I’ll have to sleep tonight and see! Ugh. It’s so weird because it’s so relatable to Clary. In my dream I have a huge, “Whoa what to my house? Where’s my mom? Who are you!? A shadowhunter? K let’s go.” moment. That’s exactly what happened in my dream. I just realized this dream was all because, and inspired, of the mortal instruments book series when I started to connect my odd dream to something relatable and what do you know. It’s by the series that I’m obsessed with.

I LOOOOVE the series. Oh god. My favorite book series was Maximum Ride but until I read the first chapters of City of bones I was like, NOPE! Sorry! I just finished the first book Friday night and going to read City of Ashes tonight. I’m just hooked on the series like a hooker loving it’s job.

The mortal instruments is in me! Yesterday I was so committed in buying a T-Shirt of City of Bones but since Hot Topic LOOOVES The Hunger Games, they didn’t have it. But if they did, I would buy a shirt. Maybe even a sweater. Judge me all you want but someday I’ll become a shadowhunter saving yo ass.

If you haven’t read the series, what are you doing with your life?

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