“The Sweat Escape” To Liberty

This song brings me great embarrassing memories. It was the beginning of my 6th grade year. For PE we had to do a dancing unit where we had to do the electric slide to this song. I was so annoyed dancing in PE class that I just wanted to do it and get it over with. For the unit we had to be in groups of three and somehow I made it into a group with two guys. For me it felt weird because I’ve been around girls my whole life so being there felt like they were my bitches. They do what I want and make myself look pretty. But that didn’t work because one was a nerd who was into pokemon and another one was a huge guy that scared me. So that didn’t worked out. We had the choice to choose from two or three songs and we choose this one because it was a good song and great beat. If iTunes were popular  when I was a kid and I had the opportunity to buy the song I wouldn’t buy it because it brought me bad memories. Would I buy it today? Sure! I just need money on my bank account.  All I remember from the performance is that in the end, me and the nerd were dancing like robots and in between us the big guy was laying on the floor and pretending to rock out on the guitar. It was horrible. Embarrassing, annoying, horrible, and embarrassing. The bad thing about it is that my old middle school has recordings of it. I hope they lost it because I wouldn’t want it to be leaked on YouTube or something.

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