Bubblegum Bitch

Subtweet Guarantee’s Me A Punch In The Throat

If you don’t like what I post on twitter then unfollow me bitch. Seriously. This chic just tweeted, oh my gosh so like if you tweet about the show Awkward. i will punch you in the throat so stop it! (Okay that was a greatly overly exarterated tweet because she is white but she really did say she would punch me in the throat for it.) Bitch punch me in the throat then. I will literally not stop tweeting my feelings. I was crying and I just felt like it had to be tweeted because I just love to be part of the convo on twitter. You can never stop me to tweet something so get over it. It’s not my fault she’s poor who can’t afford east coast cable channels on a tv with a big butt. No but really she has an ancient TV because she loves to tweet pictures of movies she’s watching. Not that I’m throwing any shade about that. (I guess that’s what she calls, antique.)

I want to wear a t-shirt tomorrow to school saying, “Told by twitter subtweet that I will get punched in the throat. Kay. #Swagever” But I sorta have to be nice to her because she’s giving me a ride to the Demi concert… *shrug* I swear I’m so bi-polar.

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