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Demi Lovato Kills Me

Guys, don’t hate me. I know it’s been so long since i last blogged. but. but. but. I JUST DON’T KNOW. What kind of writer am I if I don’t blog everyday. I swear, starting tomorrow, I’ll start blogging. My life has been so stressing i just can’t. It’s scary to think every single thing I do in my teenage years can effect my future. This is where i need a meme with a derp face that says, COLLEGE APPLICATIONS? ACT? SAT? STUDYING? SCHOOL? HOMEWORK? MONEY? NEED TO GET A JOB? AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT! I need some buddoo shit for this. So what’s new?

I’M FINALLY DONE WITH THE PLAY MADNESS! Gosh being in a play about my towns history has been so amazing. Even though I only had two lines, being in the cast has been so amazing. I’ve made so many friends and made me see life in another way. Okay now my brain has gone blank on what to blog about this subject. NEXT!

I GOT TICKETS TO SEE DEMI FUCKING LOVATO LIVE! AHGKSJJGIGJD KJOGN SEGVKEFHGSMDVRSJKOGHDFSGNLNDSHCJOSIVM AGINHAERVJERPOAWIC,GFERSIPOAWJGERH IGFERSMCERTMERGTMMERK;NGTBESTMIHRNGSHMEVOIMMMMMMMRWVNP RWYOACT,PUA4WIOTYC [E4M[WBTMUEIMRPYIHYEYMIUERGWERY ERG USIRYMEGSNJMRSEKTSKE4LHYUSIORNMEHOIJGYKYJO54IRWPGYOAEROMHYEORKJT I’M SO EXCITED YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA. The concert isn’t til February but STILL i’m seeing my favorite singer live and even writing about this makes me want to cry because i love demi lovato so much oh my god. It’s just all so crazy to think about. I’m going to hear Demi Lovato perform my favorite album, I’m going to see the same fucking star from my favorite show Sonny With A Chance, from Camp Rock, and the one who inspires me to write everyday (well sorta) in so many ways. I know once I see her I’m going to start crying so hard that I’m afraid I’m going to faint. She is literally my life. (I need to be careful on what I say because I don’t demi lovato to think I’m a creep.) It’s crazy cause I’m thinking about the what ifs. what if Ellen has a contest to meet Demi and i win and i meet her and i die. sakgjasgiugiernbnwarjfbgsgisjgiag. YOU SEE WHAT SHE DOES TO ME. OKAY I NEED TO STOP NOW. (ps: i can handle meeting demi live what i can’t do is stop crying.)

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