Tweets Of Mine That You Shall Consider To Read

Oh and I forgot to mention, tweets that I’m proud of. I tweet like a motherfucker. Just kidding. I don’t fuck mothers. But seriously. I live for my tweets. Just like I need air Demi Lovato’s air particles. For every great tweet that I post I feel like I’ve posted 1k tweets but really it’s only tweet. And then my conscience comes in and says, no Daniel that’s just your imagination getting 1k retweets and replies. I dunno I’m weird. Maybe it’s the crack that’s in the soda that makes me think that way.

I’m obsessed with twitter? Yes. I have 29k tweets. This is when you be sarcastic and say “Whoa Daniel, that’s alot!” Yeah I know. Hahaha. It feels like it’s 1 million tweets but it’s not. There are other accounts that i’ve seen with 100k tweets and I’m like, woah! Will that me someday? No because of carpal tunnel…

(Don’t be a lazy and read them. This is what Britney Spears is referring to when she says you gotta work bitch.)

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