Throwback To My Childhood Electronics (Companions)

VideoNow was the demon that I clinged to. While others played outside kickball I would watch my VideoNow from my bed. I still do it today but on my iPhone so nothing has changed. Once i saw the promo commercials for this I knew I wanted this from the start. I didn’t want the other basic versions. I wanted this see-through version that to me it seemed like a sophisticated version. When I went to sit on Santa’s lap I told him I wanted a video now sooo bad. I even prayed to god I’d get it for Christmas and I did! I loved my VideoNow. I would stay up all night without my mom knowing it, watching Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh. Now I have no idea where it’s at or what happened to it. I’m thinking I broke it cause i would play with the CD insert-er all day because I was so bored of the same episodes. I only had like two DVDs. Hashtag sad face. What’s even sadder is that it’s in the Games and Toys category on Amazon. UM NO BITCH. THIS ISN’T A TOY. IT’S WAS PART OF MY LIFE IN MY CHILDHOOD.

YAAAAS. This was my favorite mp3 player ever. First, it was High School fucking Musical. I don’t give a hoot what you say, High School Musical is the best musical ever created. This was (is) my favorite musical player of all time. I loved it because you can watch movies on it from an customized SD card by Disney. I only had the movie High School Musical and the Cheetah Girls album. Those two things were all that I needed. My favorite song to listen on my mp3 was Cheetah Sisters. That song was like the best dancing performance spectacular I’ve ever seen. I re-watched the music video again and my feelings are still the same, I’m still going to twerk to this, but not the best performance ever. I just loved the unity in the music because all I wanted is to dance like a cheetah girl while Belinda comes onto the stage as my potential best friend she is.

Sometimes when I wanted to reenact a Spy Kids scene, I would use this as my phone with a touch screen and killah keypad because other than pretend to call, I would text. It was the best. This is when my wonderland put it to life itself. When I would go to the Boys and Girls Club I would tell my friends that it was my phone I just could let them use it because the battery was dead. In case your wondering, why it was dead here are the many reasons why. 1) Because I would listen to it all the time on the bus on my way to the Boys And Girls Club. 2) I forgot to charge it and brought it anyway cause I like to pretend it works as a phone when nobody was looking. 3) The power was off and I just didn’t want anybody to use it. 3) I lost the charger.

Someday when I’m rich I’m going to buy these companions of mine for my children to use. Just kidding, they won’t last until that long.

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