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That’s M O N E Y so Sexy I!

Remember Corey from That’s So Raven and how he loveeed his money? I’m the same way but I always end up spending it every week. Like yesterday I spent almost all of my money at the mall on food. Oh god. I need to learn to save my money. I want to buy things that make me happy. Like books, movies, clothes. Ah. The list can go on forever. I can get a job but I don’t have the time right now to start working. What sucks is that I only get 20 dollars a week and spend it every Friday when going out with my friends. Back when I had no social life, 20 dollars a week was heaven. Why can’t I just be naturally rich already?

Here’s a wishlist of what I want:

  1. A coffee cup for on the go. Now that I have a locker I can take my tea to school in the mornings without the hassle of carrying the empty cup all day. I wake up so early in the morning, a cup of tea would be so cool. Plus I’ve always thought people who take tumblers to school are so cool and everyone is expected to have one. It’s been my dream to be white.
  2. New music. I feel so guilty to be Demi’s fan and not having Demi’s first two albums. It’s not that I’ve never heard them it’s just that I HAVE NO MONEY. Like the song Here We Go Again. I watched it multiple times on VEVO this morning regretting the choice of not buying the song when I had the chance.
  3. New books. I’m reading this lame book for English class called Spooner. It’s not that lame I just haven’t given it a chance. I basically agreed to read it because my English teacher recommended it to me and didn’t want to sound basic. The struggle.
  4. New clothes. I’m getting so annoyed with my clothes. I literally have nothing to wear. I feel … ghetto wearing the clothes I wore last semester to school. But at this time in my life I have no choice. Some of the clothes I bought during my summer haul either shrunk or out of style. I swear I bet people at school think I’m homeless or something for wearing the same clothes from last semester. But to make myself seem less ghetto I call it throwback weekly. A day of the week when I wear old clothes… Call fashion police. It’s urgent.
  5. A phone case. My phone feels so naked with out a phone case. I’m basically risking my life by not protecting my phone. It can fall on the ground and break my screen and boom. I’m dead. My phone is my life. It’s how I talk to you guys! (Corny enough?)

If your rich feel free to ask me to donate money to me via Pay Pal. I’ll love you lots and maybe blog about you in a personalized blog post!

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