My day

My History Teacher Knows My High School Deepest Secret

Yes you read that right. Oh god. Well here is the story. I have him first block in the mornings and he was asking me a question on the assignment we were doing just to see i understand it. And he was pleased to know I did my work good and even though I made it to class late, I turned in my work without asking him where it goes. “You’re on the top of the game. As long as you do that you’ll be fine coming late to class.” In case your wondering why I’m late to class, it’s because I’m in the school television show and we go live right when school starts but anyways back to my story. He asked me if I had my permission slip for Job Shadow day and I did and gave it to him. First of all, how does he know I’m planning to go to Job Shadow day? Is he some kind of wizard? Then he turns it back to me, comes up to my ears and whispers, “Don’t be afraid of me.” And I said “Ha. Okay.” Just don’t kill me. And turned red immediately. Oh goddddddd. How does he know I’m scared of him? Does he hear me rant to my friends in between classes? Is it that obvious? Does he read my blog????? (dramatic music in the background.) The truth of it is that I really am scared of him because he’s always yelling to the class. I’m afraid he’ll yell at me for doing something wrong on a homework assignment. My only conclusion that he knows is that the career techinian told him. I told her a day before I was afraid he wouldn’t let me go to the field trip because I have this vibe he doesn’t like me. I even told her I’m scared of him. Don’t think I’m a freak and am an open book, i’ve known her for so long so were kinda close but god. Why did she tell him??? That’s so embarrassing. He probably thinks I’m some kind of pussy who is anti social or something. He’s a really cool and funny teacher though. Last class he was talking about other schools in a wonderful niceee way! But now that he cleared somethings between us we’re two close buddies. (HAHAHAHA.)

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