What's on my mind

Jaw. Room. Impress. Showtime.

My jaw hurts. People on twitter claim that it’s from blowjobs. Eye roll. They can hate all they want just be jealous I can actually get a dick to suck on. I woke up this morning with my right upper part of my jaw hurting. I think it’s because my doctor has told me I clench my teeth when I sleep but that’s never happened to me. I would wear my bite plate but I can’t find it. And I’m suppose to be asleep by now but I’m being a little rebel right now and silently typing onto my computer.

What did I do today? Nothing important. I watched Annie. Ever since I was a kid I loved the idea of being adopted by a man. Dude if I lived in the Warbucks mansion I would be best friends with all the workers, make the maids watch 30 rock with me all night, have them twerk for me, blast music all day around the house, andddddddddddd maybe invite my friends over because I feel embarrassed to invite them to my ghetto home. The only friend of my that I’ve invited to my room is Selena. She didn’t even say anything she just stood and looked around. I feel so embarrassed cause that day my room was a mess. Like my closet door was open. On the bottom of my closet is just a huge pile of clutter that I don’t even use. It seriously looks like a mice can live there. God bless her soul for letting her see that.

There’s this one girl that I’ve been trying to impress. Not in the way I want to date her but in the way I want to be her BFF. She’s sooo pretty, loves Demi Lovato just like me, and tweets all day just like me. But the only place we communicate is on twitter because I hardly see her at school… That’s her hiding from me to be honest. I dunno she favorites my tweets everyday so I’m saying things are getting pretty serious. At this point I have no idea if it’s okay to talk to her in person or not. Like are we just internet besties because if so I’ma stop now trying to impress you on my tweets. This paragraph can be a life story of a white girl. The struggle is real.

Tomorrow is drama rehearsal for the play! We’re suppose to know all our lines by tomorrow. Gee I hope I don’t forget my two lines. Anyways what’s new? I’m loving the play. I got an extra part in the play in which I do nothing but be myself. Other than that nothing has changed. I’m just excited for the day of the show. My friends have asked me if I have stage fright and my answer is no. I’m actually excited for them to see the great show we’ve put together and I cannot ruin it for them. The way I see it is that the audience came to see a show without any flaws and mistakes. I didn’t go to long rehearsals to mess up. This is going to sound so corny but I came to win. I want to show the bitches at school what I’m capable of. You never know, maybe there will agents at the play looking for their biggest hit and that could be me! Daniel the Giraffe can be in your next movie soon! He can do anything but not including singing unless horribly singing is what you’re looking for.

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