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Why I Hate Hair Cuts

20130915-215746.jpgWho said you have the head of the size of an egg? Daniel stop it with the negative thoughts. I hate haircuts because they can either make me look ugly or make me bleed. I swear, sometimes I feel like the blade on the trimmer goes in so deep it tickles me disguising the pain of a cut. You never know. Maybe that’s why there isn’t a mirror behind you so that you could see what the hair stylist is doing. It’s so embarassing getting hair cuts because the blade tickles me so much that the hair stylist has to tell me to stay still. I’ve always hated getting haircuts since day one. I knew I wasn’t alone when I saw on Rugrats that Chuckie was afraid of getting haircuts. It was amazing how that episode made me feel less like a freak because I hated haircuts versus afraid of getting them. I’ve alway wanted that sexy skater long hair look but my Mom never allowed me. Even to this age she makes me get haircuts. She thinks I’ll look rediculous with long hair like that. Well Mom stop complaining about me never getting the D and change your rules on hair cut styles. It’s embarassing to say my mom has a set of rules on what I can and can’t have when it comes to my hair. One way or anthoner she takes me to a surprise visit after shopping around town when I don’t want to. I’m 17 years old for once, don’t I get a say on what I want my hair to be like? My mom would reply, “No! You are my son and have to listen to me. Plus you look so much cutier with short hair. Haven’t you always wanted to look white?”

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