Get The London Look!

Get the London look! Above is a video that inspired me to write this post. So here are ways to get the London look based on my poor knowledge.

  • Talk like you have the Nicki Minaj british accent.
  • Be Lady Gaga for a day wear a box that looks like a telephone post.
  • Wear a huge ass chain attached with a clock cause here in America we don’t have clocks.
  • Wear a huge ass mullet weave so that it looks like him.
  • Have a bee sting you and in the throat and sing like Amy Winehouse.
  • Paint your teeth yellow.
  • Smear red tea all over your t-shirts. Britain love their tea.
  • Grow old so that you get shorter and look like Queen Elizabeth.
  • Have an owl on your shoulder so that you can be like Harry Potter.
  • Loose a couple pounds because everyone there is skinny.
  • Wear ancient clothes and when asked tell them you are Jane Austen.
  • Make yourself a hat that has a the UK flag attached to a small stick so that it can ride like British man. Those are lyrics from a Lana Del Rey cause everyone there seems to love her cause she’s there all the time.
  • Wear an Anastasia Steele shirt with the big ben because Ana has always loved London.
  • Never be ashamed to go to a nude beach.

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