My day

Breaking The Leg & Sweaty Shirts Signing

HI….. Yeah I know it’s been so long since I’ve last blogged and yes I do care. I know I said it’s time for no procrastination and how my life has changed for the good blah blah blah but I can tell you that it’s kinda working I’ve just been sooo busy lately that I haven’t had time to blog. Like for example, I’m in the school’s play! I’m so exciteddddd. This is the first time I ever do acting in a play. On the first day of rehearsal I was a bit overwhelmed because I felt like everyone was better than me and they would see me as the newbie. In reality, I hated their guts because I was insecure. But that was before we started to play and what not. Now i’m super excited. I auditioned last last week and got the word I got a part in the play on Wednesday. I have a small character who has only two lines. Hahaha. But it’s barely a draft script so I might get more lines later. I’m hoping I’m the kind of character who has a small role in the play but is important to the play. But who knows. This play is about the history of our town and how amazing it is by celebrating the new age of Mexicans coming to town. Not something traditional like The Wizard of Oz or The Rocky Horror Show <— I want to be in that play so badddd. I personally love the play I’m in because it’s hilarious and unique in it’s own way. Let’s see how that goes. With rehearsals over til 6 PM it’s impossible to blog unless I don’t get homework but that’s so rare.

I’m literally googling ways to keep myself up. I’m suppose to be eating lots of food with high fibers. The closest thing I have to that is string cheese. I literally have no healthy snacks. Just chips, oreos, mac and cheese, and a huge box of cup in noodles but nobody eats that shit. It also says to drink lot’s of water which is what I’m doing right now. Plus I need it to be healthy. I’ve been drinking soda 24/7. No joke. I need to start drinking some juice and water. I just want to go to bed late. How dare my body think it’s time to go to bed when it’s barely 10:23 PM. Back in summer vacation that was barely the middle of the day for me. But this school schedule is just so annoying. There are days I need help with my Physics homework and go to tutoring at school at 6:30 AM. So pretty much every day I wake up at 6:00 AM to take a shower. Which is always a mission cause my sister is always taking a shit in the restroom. I’m convinced she’s always sitting on the toilet in the mornings tweeting about rappers since she loves underground rap music. I’m just waiting for the moment she comes out as a proud gangsta. I’m kidding thoughhhh. I’m hoping to read a bit after this, watch Hairspray, and then study for my physics test if I have time but for school “I never have time.” Blogging about it made me realize I don’t need to study tonight. It’s Saturday night! I deserve some time to myself since school is being lame and taking away my personal life.

What did I do today? Well I woke up at 5 AM. I had to get up early to participate in my first community service event. I helped set up a 5K run and passed out goodie bags to the runners after the run. We really didn’t do much in the morning. But it was fun. It was nice to help out and make new friends. Even though I didn’t know their names. After the event me and my friend went to get Starbucks a block away and a lady there was so nice. She ran the event and thank us for helping the event. It’s crazy to know the little things I do, the lazy things, really can impact something or someone. The only bad thing about this is that I had to touch nasty sweaty shirts.

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