My day

Believe It Or Not Teen Mom 3 Saved My Life

I feel like the new me has changed inside of me for the good. I mean look at me, i’m blogging! I was just laying in bed watching Teen Mom 3, battling whether or not to do my hard Pysics homework. I guess watching teen couples on television can really change my life one weird way or another. I said to myself, no Daniel you can’t do this to yourself if you want that A in Physics, you need to try hard. And that’s what I’m going to do along with the other things in my life i need to get in order. Like blog for once. I’ve been putting this off for days. I knew September would be a wonderful blogging month but never like this. Getting my drivers permit is on my must list. I’ve been dying to drive already but I really had no motivation to convince my mom to teach me how to drive. I’m not going to be like David Sedaris, suffering just because he couldn’t drive. I want to go have fun by taking my friends to places like going to the bar, clubs, and casinos. Oh wait that’s what my mother does. Guys, I’m still in High School. What I mean by that, go have dinner, the movies, the mall and what not. I also would like to hang out with my bi-polar, bitchy, and cool friend who lives to the town next to me. I’ve been putting off hanging out with her and now I’m just sick of it. Maybe I could go to her town and we could hang out at Starbucks or something, i dunno. Another goal is to fill out those damn job applications and get a job! I want to make my own money so that I can buy starbucks when ever I want, buy the clothes I want, and maybe buy myself a domain for this blog. But first i need to buy a Mac book. Oh god those look so cool. It’s been my dream to own one. They just look so sophiscated and make blogging look so cool. Plus I kinda promised my mother I would invite her and my sister for dinner with my first paycheck. You may want to sit down for this next goal. And finally my last goal is to stop procastionating. I hate doing that to be honest. I’ve always have. I will now do my homework right after school and then relax for the rest of the day. That just sounds lovely. I want to have time to read, blog, and watch TV and that’s something I can start doing tomorrow without the wait. I now realize what I’m doing is for myself and for a better, simple, and wonderful life. Well for now atleast.

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