My day

The 2013 VMA’s

The VMA’s. It was crazy, wild, IT was amazing. Let’s start with Gaga’s performance. OMG that was ICONIC. I was watching this with my mom and sister and it was just so hard to fangirl because if i did so my mother would turn the television, she thinks i need to grow up. My sisters reaction to Gaga was, “Look at her she looks so fake!” “SHUT UP LET ME WATCH THIS!” She was so annoying. But overall the performance was AMAZING. My favorite part of the performance was when she was singing the bridge, you’ll know why. Now did everyone see or hear Gaga talking to One Direction? Oh god that was very nice of her. People say it was really smart but I doubt she was being nice to 1D just because the cameras were around. I’m just happy all of this is helping the Applause single sales go up but also people having respect for her. She’s a business woman, she makes everyone happy.

Did you all see Gaga’s ass? Omg I know I did! I always do. Gaga’s ass has been a fascination to the fandom for a long time and the only reason why people are talking about it now is because Kevin Hart was talking about it. Now have you seen Miley Cyrus’s ass? EW! It’s so nasty! They are hanging out and ew. Not sexy.

But to make it all make sense here is a short summary of the VMA’s


– everyone learned to appreciate Lady Gaga’s fine ass

– Miley Cyrus disturbed the country with a hoedown throw-down 2.0

– Justin Timberlake basically had his own concert

– Taylor Swift h8’s you

– Blurred Lines won nothing

– a basic performance by Katy Perry

– 1D and Gaga are BFFS

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