My day

Psychology: Embarrassing Question

Psychology. I like the class. It’s simple, we don’t get much homework, and it’s interesting. Just like every damn class should be. The teacher is very nice but she kinda doesn’t really show her personality. She’s just a teacher. Almost like a robot, but not a robot. Get me? She’s a good teacher though. It really shows how much she knows even though she teaches History as well. On the first day of class we had to write down a set of questions of what we would like to learn in the school year and on a piece of sheet of paper we would write one question down so she could answerduring class. Since we were working in partners I thought we each got one sheet of paper which is obvious we don’t cause I just said we worked in partners. But I turned it in without even asking my question to my partner if it was alright but she didn’t seem to care. Almost all of the questions were smart interesting questions about memory and how long it stays in the brain and what not. But my question, oh god, it was a stupid one. It was: What kind of influence does teachers have on children? There was one guy next to me who let out a little laugh. Oh god. I choose that question cause it was interesting not because it was at random. But that’s because I didn’t think of the big questions like, Why do we tend to forget the things we don’t want to forget? There were all good and interesting questions about memory and my was just a stupid, off topic question that nobody but me would like to know. Good thing the teacher didn’t say the names out loud. I would of turned bright as a tomato

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