Physics: “Observing The Fun”/Ode To Physics Class

Physics. The only class I currently and have ever HATED. I just hate it how i know NOTHING. NADA. And this stupid teacher doesn’t do well to explain the lesson. Like really bitch? Your lame. He’s so weird. When ever he talks to the class he stares at the ceiling. Like were down here. I guess he hates eye contact. I’ve asked him help on the homework and he explains it to me as if i’m a scientist asking for help. I finish off being more confused than ever that i’m better off asking a student, or guessing. On the second day of class I turned in my homework all wrong. He took forever to grade my paper. He was so over my paper that he left it to the side to take a look at it. Seriously. I’m sure he spent a solid 20 minutes reading my paper. He made me redo the questions, which I don’t have a problem with, and did it in front of the class. It was emberassing. I actually wanted to cry cause i feel so stupid in that class when everyone else understood the homework. Like stop cheating, it won’t get you anywhere. Yesterday I was so done with the class that I didn’t want to start the homework so to pass the time, and make it look like i was doing something, i wrote a letter in a form of a blog post for you all so here it is:

In Physics class “observing the fun.” <— What a wonderful contradiction. I literally hate this class cause I don’t know a nutt’s ass about physics. I wish there was a book called, Physics for those who know nothing about science for dummies. And hope that book will teach me everything I’ll need to learn about Physics so that I don’t have to struggle. 45 minutes until the bell rings so what a better way to pass the time by writing. Actually I love writing i just hate doing so with a pencil. it’s funny to say that now cause in first grad i use to love it. But that was when I got introduced to a pencil that clearly resembled a banana in which i hate, seeing it in a way that made it look like i was squeezing it, killing the banana. I just hate eating it alone. The only way you can get me to actually consume it is if you put it in the blender for me to drink in a smoothie. Strawberry and Banana smoothie. One that makes me feel like my old childhood memories, Strawberry Shortcake. Strawberry Shortcake was the lady boss when I was a child. Since my mother wanted me to be more manly, the only way I could watch her movies was if my sister watches it. And she loved her. It was perfect. I would watch her movies when she had a huge house of the size of a strawberry. If my house resembled my name like her i would want a giraffe pole just like fire fighters have to get to the first floor. That would be awesome/perfect! When i’m old, 60 years old old, i would force myself to be in fit in order to go down that pole. Back to physics class, it’s hell. 32 minutes til class is over. The silence is now broken. I wish I sat in a desk at the back of the class so that I could hide my phone and in my bag and blog all day on tumblr. All day I’ve had the fear of facing this stupid class. I wish I could speed time with an app until it was after school. A dreamer that soon would write an ode of how much I hate this class. It will go numba one and i’d get tutor sponsors! OMG LETS DO IT. LOL I’m actually going to do this. Oh Physics, you you are so hard
Harder than my dick
Bitch once I fuck up your face,
you’d have to solve that equation
cause i’m not paying
for yo medical bills
go to the corner
and work for your own money
SI Base units?
Isn’t that spanish for
Yes my ass is the base of
the units of the pimples on yo face!
speed of how fast energy can go?
How about measure the
speed I say nO!
Justify my answer?
What the hell this
aint court.
Physics nobody likes you.
Nobody wants to take you
behind a middle school and
get you pregnant.
How about physics
show me how to measure the
mass of Beyonce’s boobs.
Now that will be the only answer
that will be correct.
I don’t get why some nerds
actually understands you.
I’m sure sure sure
they are copying.
wiga wiga wiga and WORD!

Okay that was more like a rap inside my head rather than an ode. 12 more minutes of class left! Oh yes. Were getting close to single digits. the girl in front of me said, 10 more minutes of hell left. Umhm, yes gurl your right! I’m actually jelly of her cause she’s texting in class and the teacher isn’t even noticing. But that’s because she has her legs to cover it. It’s complicated to explain. But it’s five more minutes til the bell rings and everyone is packing up. Ah finally! Okay no more writing, bye!

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