My day

Government: The Teacher Scares Me

Government. I actually do like learning History, believe it or not, but this teacher scares me. He screams like all the time. For example, “John Locke said we have the rights to life liberty and property. In a state of nature there will be people who will try to take away THOSE RIGHTS AWAY FROM YOU BECAUSE THEY ARE SELFISH JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS WORLD.” It’s so scary. I don’t ever want to fight or have problems with him cause he’ll probably scream at me and I’d cry. That’s how sensitive I am. On the second day of class you were suppose to bring your textbooks to class and almost half the class forgot it. And I was one of them. I was so scared he would pick on me because he was yelling about how stupid we are for not bringing our textbooks, how it shows we don’t care about his class, and blah blah blah. And I sit all the way on the front and he could notice me and say, “You forgot your textbook? Why? Actually I don’t want to hear your excuse cause I DON’T CARE.” But he did pick on me he said, “Do you parents work hard? Do they really?” I was so scared I just nodded. Thank god I only have this class for a semester cause if not I would probably be the one yelling all the time. But other than the yelling, he’s a good teacher. He explains the lesson very well. I actually just hate it how he’ll make us do really projects, quizzes, essays, ect. It’s something totally new to me cause my teacher for History last year just made us do notes and he would talk all period and went off topic lots of times on youtube. The only time my teacher went off topic was to show us a performance of the rolling stones that relates to the lesson. Why can’t he just show us cat videos and make us all happy? That’d be the perfect way to start my morning.

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