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English: Reading (Fashion) Of Her (His) Love

English. One of my favorite classes but mainly because my best friend is in the class. We tend to turn to each other when the teacher talks about how we HAVE TO HAVE a study partner. This class is different than any other English class. It’s called CSU expository reading class, something like that. It’s a class made by the UC’s, preparing us for college. Instead of fiction we will be reading the work of non-ficiton. I’m just hoping that kind of work is interesting to read than the boring Crucible. The teacher in the class goes deep in her conversations. What I love about her is that she’s a reader. She loves to read. She says to us, “I love reading cause it goes and takes us to a whole different world that we know nothing about.” That’s how deep she goes. But I like her. She’s a great teacher. What I love about her class is that she has many good books and she lets you borrow them. My teacher from last year had lame middle school books. I’m just hoping this class will help me improve my miserably low test scores on the ACT and SAT.

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