My day

Drama: Going Big

Drama. This is actually my favorite class of the year. I got a little nervous at first because i’m a bit awkward and shy when you first meet me and I knew somehow Drama class would change it. I signed up for Drama cause I heard it’s a very fun class and because Victorious made it look so cool and fun. And they were right. The first day of class we were playing games and just learning each others names. My Drama teacher is really cool, if you are in her good side. That’s something I’ve learned about her from what I’ve been told. She’s a very fun and energetic teacher. She uses the word fabulous a lot. “Did you guys finish? You did? Fabulous!” If there was a loop on vine of the times of the day she say’s fabulous, it would be hilarious. On the second day of class we actually acted. And that was something totally out of my comfort zone. We were playing a game that we were each at a location and we would have to imitate an object from that location. Like at the mall, someone did the elevator which looked like he was doing the worm standing up. It was so hilarious. The thing about the exercise is that just going to the circle is out of my comfort zone. My next fear to get rid of is to actually audition for a play and I cannot simply wait.

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