My day

Back To Hell! First Day Of School

My first day of school was an exhausting one. I’m still in shock school started. I just miss the summer so much back when I had no responsiblities and it’s hard to believe that was yesterday. But I gotta stop being a dreamer and start the “most exciting part of my life”: Senior year. My first class of the day was American Government. I like my teacher. He’s just like the cool teacher in Easy A but with a lot more yelling. He gave us the lecture every senior class gets: you are here cause you want to graduate blah blah blah. I already know I want to graduate so why do you have to tell me? But whatever it takes to get off topic, the better. His words of wisdom are just the greatest, “I just hope your class doesn’t have the acronymn the senior class a couple years back had: Idgaf *yelling* I DONT GIVE A FUCK.”
After that life changing class I had Algebra 2 and this teacher is determined for us to have the best math class we’ve ever had. As if everyone loves and understands math. Good thing we didn’t do any math that period. All period we learned EVERYBODY’s names, done a venn diagram with our neighbors, and done little games to learn about the class rules. All of this was so exhausting. I don’t want to make new friends. I’m good already with the friends i have.
And finally i had the worst class in the world, Physics. My teacher is SOO boring. I have no idea why but something is telling me that he’s what Josh Peck would be like if he wasn’t goofy or funny. He’s so serious and never even tries to be funny.Well Daniel not all your teachers will be funny, gosh! You may say.That’s not the point, teachers need to be somewhat funny to connect with me and the peasants in the classroom. Other than his lame personality (incase your wondering: yes I do believe I can be a better teacher than him) he went over the regulations and i need to carry a binder. Ugh so exhausting! My soon to repersent Perfectly Imperfect Bag, can’t carry a binder. I just shove all my papers in there. I just hate it how school makes you look less cool when your trying to be like Georgina George. Like school, Why are you so obsessed with me? First day in Physics is like first day in Geometry, hard and long. Good thing about that class is that I have my eyes set on a somebody who offered to take my calculator back to the teachers desk and he didn’t have a calculator to take back. That person already get’s my lazy side of me already. How amazing!
After school I spent the afternoon at the ghetto slutiest place ever in America, Taco Bell. Day well spent.

My friend just texted me complaining about how she doesn’t want us to sit down on the floor because she doesn’t want to left out standing with the friend we don’t like. It’s not my fault you’re on your period. Ugh girl problems *eye roll*. I’m just cracking up at how rediculous this convo is. Hahaha. Only my friends would complain about this.

Tomorrows classes are Physicology, drama, and English. Let’s see how that goes.

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