My day

Last Day Of Summer Vacation

I just can’t believe it i start school tomorrow. It’s one of those things you can’t believe it’s happening. Cause the truth of it all is that I don’t want to believe it. Going back to school means seeing bitches i hate, people staring at me as i walk down the hall, teachers with their long lectures, the tons of homework i’ll get, making new friends *eye roll* and other stuff I can’t recall. Tomorrow’s classes will be American Government, Algebra 2, and Physics. Ugh. I’m just nervous for Physics. I’m hoping that class isn’t TOO hard. I’ve heard it’s a very hard class and it’s not even an AP class. What the heck?!

Today I went to mall and just get out of the house for once. My sister wanted to go to the mall because she was going to see this ghetto rapper at a meet and greet and so I just went along but on our own seperate ways. There was alot of people at the mall for a Sunday. But it’s always is. I went to H&M and bought a shirt, starbucks to get some coffee, and ate lunch by myself. I was so relaxed eating by myself outside on the tables. Just like the old times when I didn’t have much friends and went to the mall hoping that someone with bad eye sight would see me and be my new friend. I felt so legit eating my sandwich with my Starbucks and wearing my favorite sun glasses. I felt like a fashionable bad bitch who is Kardashian material but wearing a sigh on my bag saying, please no pictures i need some me time, and they would actually listen to my word. Ah perfect.

This summer has been a great one tho! My favorite moment of the summer is going to Puerto Vallarta. I had so much fun going in the pool, walking around town, and having fun with my cousins. My favorite blog post of the summer would be That’s A Deal Breaker, cause I had so much fun writing it. And because I love 30 Rock. Long live 30 Rock!

I want this senior year in high school be a memorable one. I want to make my bag represent, Perfectly Imperfect. I want my fashion and style be better than all of my years in school combined. I want my job as Script Writer at my schools network, really represent it as making sketches to show on TV. I want to remembered. Before the fame, Lady Gaga would piss off the audience by dancing to heavy metal music in between pop songs. But what could I do to piss off people?

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