My day

I’m Back In The USA! Since TooLazyToBlog-Day!

I’m back from Mexico to my hometown California USA. Not since today, since Thursday. The past couple days i’ve just been soo busy and very lazy to blog at the end of the night. Literally every night since Thursday I’ve thought to myself, I’m too tired i’ll just blog tomorrow morning. It’s weird too cause I only remember to blog right before I’m about to go bed. The moment when i’m starting to get tired and the sleepy monster (is that even a thing?) doesn’t need anything to get waken up, makes me lag on blogging. I was close not to blog today but i gave myself a couple fake punches to the face and turn the switch on for blogging mode. Hopefully this iced tea get’s me up just for an hour at least.

What’s new to tell? Nothing really. I’ve been busy the last couple days because I have visitors here and I kinda have to be with them but really I just want their money. I’ve been with my uncle walking around the store carrying his items like a peasant. What sucks is that i have one week of school left and all I want to do is stay home all day but it’s just impossible with them around. Daniel how do you go to the mall? Daniel translate for me! Maybe if you learned some English YOU WOULDN’T NEED MY HELP.

All I’ve been thinking about all week is what to write my next and first book. This year i’m commiting to the Na No Wri Mo what ever, writing challenge. A challenge to write a book in one month. Last year I started writing my book but never finished it. But this year I will! It’s my dream to be a successful author. Let’s see how that goes in November.

Summer starts in one week. Oh my god. I’m so not ready. Going back to school means going back to actually caring about life. All I want to do is lay in bed and watch New Girl all day. It’s just all surreal. I don’t want to start school. I kinda want to be young forever and never graduate high school. It’s my last year. I know they say it’s your best year yet but i really don’t care. You know what will my year the best? NO SCHOOL.

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