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Lady Gaga’s Song BURQA Leaked!!!

Well it’s official, Lady Gaga’s new single Burqa just leaked. When it came out oh gosh i was literally jumping and freaking out. I saw the news on twitter but since i’m at Puerto Vallarta at the hotel, the wifi was very slow. Everyone who was sitting on the benches around the pool, was using the WIFI so that made it very slow. That’s the bad thing about free wifi at hotels. (HOTELS DON’T YOU DARE EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT. WITHOUT WIFI I WOULDN’T EVEN FIND OUT THE NEWS ABOUT THE SONG.) I was around people so I didn’t want to make a scene so I ran to my cousin Natalie’s room and told her the news. I told her gurl, “NO NEED TO EXPLAIN TO YOU WHERE I WAS AT, LADY GAGA’s SONG BURQA LEAKED AND WE’RE GOING TO LISTEN TO IT TOGETHER.” And then we heard it. The whole time we were listen to it I was freaking out. The lyrics, the beat, the meaning. It was just all so amazing. Even my cousin agreed with me. After i cooled down a bit we went to the bar to get a drink and as i was leaving out i screamed BURQA LEAKED, and everyone turned to me. Well i’m guessing they did because it was dark so i didn’t even notice. As if I want to see their ugly faces. I even recorded it, for vine. It was amazing. I even told my dad, and other cousins about Burqa, as if they give a shit, but I don’t care. It was a necessity, it was as if my soul had to tell someone. Or in my case, many people.

For the past hours i’ve been trying to upload the videos but it was taking FOREVER. All i needed was for it to be released somewhere but as for now it got released on keek. Oh hell yes.

If Burqa is the continuation to the Telephone music video, as rumored, i’m going to loose it. I can already imagine Gaga in burqa’s and dancing to the choreo. But with Gaga you just never know what you’ll get.

My comment to all of this: I don’t give a shit if you find this annoying. I’m a monster. Basically.

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