Paparazzi Tuesday

Pictures From My iPhone

20130803-182108.jpg This ice cream was so delicious. The think that i loved about the ice cream is how it was decorated. Mexico is so creative. That toilet paper roll was so delicious.

20130803-182224.jpg LOOK AT HIM. An 8 year old making tacos. I went the other night to eat dinner and this little kid was making the tacos and they were actually good. True mexican right there.

20130803-182356.jpg I just love this picture. This picture clearly shows their personalities. Tyler the creator being silly and Demi Lovato being sexy, flawless, and a sex goddess.

20130803-182543.jpg I’m hoping that becomes me when i’m old so that i can print out this shirt and wear it all the time. That’d be so cool.

20130803-182719.jpg Dedicated to all my friends.

20130803-182802.jpg Fake ass weave on the floor. Who does that? If I would of find it on the floor I’d donate it to a nearby black woman.

20130803-182911.jpg This picture is so hilarious. This is sooo me when someone I hate talks to me. Plus when it’s morning you leave me alone.

20130803-183156.jpg Opps. Too late I already touched it.

20130803-183243.jpg If you’ve seen the music video Marry The Night, you’d find this more hilarious.

20130803-183414.jpg This just makes it look so classy and in a nice way.

20130803-183458.jpg Me ready for school.

20130803-183528.jpg It’s been two weeks and I still have no idea where I got this picture from or taken it. Tell me your guess!

20130803-183644.jpg I’m still screaming from shock.

20130803-183734.jpg CLASSIC. I can totally imagine Paris Hilton as president doing this. Hahahahahahahaha oh gosh this just never gets old.

20130803-183836.jpg FYI: I didn’t take this picture. I just saw this on tumblr and downloaded it cause i thought it was so hilarious.

20130803-184100.jpg So hilarious.

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