Hey, What’s Your Major?

I hate that question. People always ask me, what are you going to study? I just lie and say, i don’t know yet. I’m embarrassed to say I want to be a writer when they haven’t seen my writing. I feel like once someone reads your work they will understand why you want to be a writer. Nobody has seem my work. The only work I have is this blog and I’m not going to show them this. Isn’t just the question, Your going to college? Enough already?

If your asking me, guess. Writing of course. I want to major in Creative Writing. I love to write fiction, as you can tell on fiction fridays. I hope to someday write a sucessful book. Preferably a series that will never end, publish a book every year, and keep the books short and simple. I always think about books to write about but I kinda think it’s too much work. I can write a book anytime but I have to put soooo much time and be focused to the book. But right now I can’t cause i’m on summer vacation and I have school to worry about. Maybe someday I will after high school, when looking for a job. I will also like to double major in Screenwriting if possible. Oh GOSH. If I had my own television show, or was the head writer for a television show, I WOULD LOVE IT. My dream show would be 30 Rock but we all know that show is over now along with my dreams. But I can totally see myself writing scripts for a show. What I love about TV shows is that the plot can never end. You can keep writing and writing episodes and it will never be old. Well that is if your a good writer. I just can’t wait for college. All the projects they will make me do. OMG if i make a movie for my class, i will go cray. I’m just so excited to grow as a writer and become an author and a bad bitch boss. Just like Tina Fey.

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