In Love With My Sun Glasses


I loooooooove these glasses. I desperately needed a pair of sun glasses for the beach and I finally have them! I asked my aunt, well it’s from my step mom’s part of the family but you get it, that I needed sun glasses and she told me where they sell sun glasses that have a lot of variety and for a good price. In 5 minutes I was out and about. They had alooot of sun glasses. It was like hipster heaven. Once I saw these and tried them on oh gosh i fell in love. Is it possible to love an object so much? Cause that’s how i’m feeling right now. I just love the way it looks. I’m not going to lie, I would see young beautiful women with glasses like these, round, huge, and flawless. And thought that I desperately wanted one like those. I wanted glasses that make me look like an artist. Ones that when I walk down the street people will wonder, Is he David Henry or does he look fine and rich?! Here’s a list of what my sun glasses make me feel like:

  • They make me feel like a hipster who doesn’t give a fuck about the world and just wants his coffee to be complete.
  • They make me feel like the age I am right now, 17.
  • I feel like i have to shave when ever i wear these sunglasses. I hate to shave. What if i cut myself?
  • They may look a bit femine but guuuuuurl, i was working it this afternoon and I got NO stares and I always get awkward stares at me. But that’s because I wasn’t wearing sun glasses. They know not to mess with me.
  • They make me feel like Bernadette from the book, Where’d You Go Bernadette? A smart person who can look sophisticated with these sun glasses.
  • Did I mention sophisticated? I can already imagine laying in the beach while reading my book with these sun glasses. Ah how relaxing.
  • Perfect to eat a delicious salad outside a restaurant.
  • Lady Gaga:
  • Someone who can rock any look just like this guy:
  • Like a sexy cop who will bring you all the way to dooown town and kick your ass if you don’t listen to me.
  • A blogger who loves to rant.

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