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Hello Bloody August

Hello fucking August. I have two more weeks of summer left and i have no idea how I feel. It’s my last and final year of high school. I’m excited for the new year, yet nervous for the new year. Just recently when i noticed my cousins don’t invite me to their houses to sleep over it made me realize my childhood is really over. I will never forget the times we wrestled, played on the xbox all night even though i hated it, going swimming when i didn’t care about how my body looks. Now i’m entering adulthood and that’s a very scary look. I may need to read a book about adulthood for dummies to be ready.

I’m going to make these last two weeks of summer be the best ever and i’m sooo excited. What would I want this month to be like? Very easy and enjoyable on my blog. As i’m going to major in Creative Writing, I want to grow as a writer. A better blogger but with a slant of proactitive. How? I have no idea. But for all that I do know is that I’m off to the beach tomorrow for a week! I’m so excited to do absolutely nothing and just relax. For the next couple days i’m going to schedule blog posts while I’m away. I hope you enjoy them and makes you think i’m even more weirder and awkward than ever before. Dueces.

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