Paparazzi Tuesday


Happy Paparazzi Tuesday! It’s summer and all everyone is thinking about, including me, being lazy all day. My typical lazy day involves being home all day, watching tv, and eating while eating in bed.

Awww. Look at beautiful Marylin. How does she make that sleeping position look sooo confortable when it’s really not?

AMEN. Atleast someone understands me.

This literally me everu weekend. On saturdays when i don’t have anything to do, i just wear my pajamas all day until it’s night time, i wear new ones.


These cat’s look sooo cute. HUG ME BROTHA (I dunno Josh Peck just popped inside my head.)

Other than that, i don’t exercise cause i find it a bit awkward. Wear shorts? Nah i have hairy legs. Go for a jog? Nah i’ve been told I run funny. Lift weights? Now that’s too much.


For those who want a cute picture to upload onto your Instagram.

Even Spiderman is lazy.

Being lazy with friends is the best way to enjoy being lazy.


Now this is being lazy in a whole another level.

I have no idea what this means, but i like this picture. It’s cute.

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