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Things That I Hate

  • When someone comes to the kitchen to eat after working out. Ugh I hate it so much. Eating is my favorite part of the day, and I don’t want to smell your nasty odor while I eat.
  • Shirtless men around the house. Like why can’t you just wear shorts? I don’t want to see your ugly chest hairs and fat stomach. My step dad does it all the time when it’s hot and I just can’t stand it. It’s awkward, it’s weird, and it’s nasty. Everytime he’s shirtless around the house I stay in my room alll day. I don’t want to see nobody shirtless around the house.
  • Little kids bugging me. Why don’t you just play with yourself? If I wanted to play with you i would go to you. My little sisters are sooo annoying. They come into my room in the mornings, never let me use my iPhone in peace, come in to the computer room to play and be loud. Like you guys have a room, why don’t you use that?
  • Being left alone at parties or reunions. The other day I was my step mom’s family reunion and it was hell. When we arrived there were no more chairs left, everyone was staring at me saying, who the fuck are you. I had no choice but to hang out with my father but even he was ignoring me. He got closer and closer to the circle, leaving me out. Luckily i found a chair and I was just by myself and playing on my iPhone.
  • People. Plain and simple. Last Sunday was hang out day. I don’t know I just made that up. But Hang Out Day happens every Sunday when teens hang out with their friends and walk around town. And there i was with my two little sisters, my step mom, and my dad, all walking slow. I was emberassed. I just wanted to go have dinner and go home. It’s just a huge crowd of people that are in my way, make noise WHEN I CAN HEAR YOU FROM THE APARTAMENT COMPLEX, and just look at me with an ugly face, are the type of people that make me hate them. LIKE FUCKING BE NICE YOU LOSERS AND INVITE TO HANG OUT WITH YOU.
  • Eggs. I don’t like the smell of it, the taste of it, nor the look of it. I was being a bitch to my little sister all day just because I couldn’t stand her ugly smile of hers with bits and pieces of eggs stuck between her teeth. I told her to leave, she didnt listen, wanted to get on the bed, i said no, she kept on saying its her bed, i said it’s mine for now, she threw me a shoe and hit me with her belt, I told her mom, and she got smacked in the butt. Eggs make me a bitch.
  • Babies touching you while at the dinner table. UGH I CAN’T. Your eating and then the baby next to you that has her hands full of ketchup decides to touch you and now you have your clothes full of ketchup. UGH. Sometimes i wish i can make them clean my clothes.
  • When someone asks if they can use my iPhone to play games. LIKE GET YOUR OWN. My iPhone is my favorite thing in the world. It’s the only thing that makes me escape from bitches like you. What if you drop it and crack the screen? What if you waste my battery? What if you beat a record on a game that I personally wanted to break? Worse, what if you go THROUGH MY PICTURES OR TEXTS? Not that I have any nudes or what not but they are emberassing. I have a picture that says Eat Dick, a convo that talks about taco bell in Mexico, and my tumblr app that’s has nudes on my dashboard. When ever my step brothers back home ask me, I say no i’m listening to music. The only time i let them use it is when I ask them to pass me an Angry Bird’s level. That game is so hard for me.
  • When people sing and they do have a good voice. When ever some sings i feel like they are showing off. Like shut the fuck up, don’t try to tell me your a better singer than me, even though it’s true. Like why do people do it outloud? If your bored at the dentist office do something else like talk to me. I perfer that than you singing the Cup song.

So many emotions during the writing of this blog post that i think i need a Coke to relax.

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