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Applause Single Art Cover

I’M SO READY FOR ARTPOP. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Lady Gaga just released her single cover for her new single dropping on August 19 and I just can’t.



GAGA JUST LOOKS SO PERFECT HERE. Before you fuckers call her a clown, look at her face deeply. She looks SOOO pretty. Visions of the video for Applause are already flying in. I’m imagining Gaga in a white room with her dancers wearing white but splattered paint on their bodies while Gaga sings her voice off with those deep singing facial expressions. Something like Bad Romance, but better. But really, you never know what you’d get from Gaga. I hate it how it’s always expect the unexpected, with Gaga.

Just 21 more days until the single drops!

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