My day

Big UGH Of The Day

UGHHHH. This afternoon my dad and my step mom came home very nervous. Appearently my 2 year old sister fell off from the car and landed with her face to the floor, well i don’t know how but she just hurt her leg. Luckily nothing bad happened just a couple of bruises and scratches. What worries me the most is not being able to go to the beach. My step mom said if she doesnt feel better we’re not going to the beach. UGH. I know i should be worried for my sisters health but I REALLY want to go to the beach. The whole reason why I wanted to come to Mexico in the first place is because I wanted to go to the beach. I want to relax. I want a whole week at the beach and just do nothing. No blogging, no twitter, no tumblr. I just want to lay down in one of those big chairs they have at pools and rest my eyes to the sound of the beach. I’ve been so frustrated with all the fuckers I had to deal with all this year that I need paradise. A paradise where i can have unlimited pina coladas, food, FRENCH FRIES, and just do nothing. If i’m not going to the beach I’m going to cry my eyes off. I’m serious. I was about to cry a little while ago but a little troll inside my head told me, hey it’s going to be alright you don’t know if your going or not so just save the cry for later. I just can’t picture it… I NEED TO GO TO THE BEACH. I’LL TAKE MY BITCHY GRANDMA IF I HAVE TO. All the personalities inside my brain are all screaming UGH. Just stay positve bitch.

Happy summer to me.

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