Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday In 6 Words

I kinda stole the idea of this blog post from but does it matter? Right.

  1. He kissed my boob and toe.
  2. Garbage cans were full of condoms.
  3. Purple, pink, and orange elephants twerked.
  4. Ugly hoes sucking toes for fun.
  5. Waiting for the Babe, in DVD.
  6. Who uses metal ditectors these days?
  7. She called me a ugly rat.
  8. Amanda Bynes called me slutty cunt.
  9. Dr.pepper now comes with old caps.
  10. Your mom gets STD tested everyday.
  11. Justin Bieber peed on shampoo bottles.
  12. Crying red wine to get wasted.
  13. I puke every night to impress.
  14. Beyonce can use me any day.
  15. Obsessed with pooping in purple poop.
  16. I’m more into homeless ugly women.

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