My day

Now In A New Kind Of Heaven

I’m finally with my dad. I got here this afternoon and gosh i love it here. In so many ways like:

  • Better wifi signal. Back at my grandma’s house it was torture. I literally had to get out of my bed to use the wifi. Like what the actual fuck?! My room at my grandma’s house is all the way to the end of the house where i get no wifi signal on my iPhone and bearly get any signal on my laptop. Here I do have signal in my room and it’s fabulous. It’s fast. It’s so fab that i’m even blogging on my iPhone and that’s very rare. But that’s mostly because i’m too lazy to turn on my laptop. I can now tweet annoying tweets from my bed.
  • The bed is so comfortable. The bed at my grandma’s house was a bit unconforting. The pillows were hard Stop it with the dick references, the bed covers were heavy and ew, and it’s not too big for me. Here at my fathers house the bed is not too small or big, the pillows smell like babies, the best sheets are not heavy which is perfect for weight for ability to throw to the ground in the middle of the night, and the bed sheets remind me of the inside of a bee hive.
  • My dad gives me money! We went to the store to buy myself a toothbrush cause I always forget it, and he gave me 50 pesos. That’s like 10 dollars of enjoyment. And this is just the beginning of my trip.
  • My father actually finds 30 funny. We were watching the second episode of season one and he loved it. He thought it was hilarious. But oh Dad that’s just the start. I’m just glad I finally have someone to watch it with. We were also watching 2 Broke Girls, another favorite, and found that funny too. Haha oh father.
  • I love it here that I already have tomorrow planned out already. I’m going to wake up in the morning, tweet, get up, have breakfast, watch 30 Rock with my dad, read for an hour, maybe visit my grandma, lunch, 30 Rock by myself cause i need to finish where i’m at, watch Honey boo boo, dinner, blog, tweet, tumblr and then sleep. That’s paradise for me.

    I don’t know if I want to see my grandma. She’s kinda a bitch. Today she gave me the, ugh you again I sooo love you right now, look. She’s totally bi-polar. But in this case I don’t even think pills will control her. Only a great laugh and things go her own way. Why can’t I just be a bitch back to her? I wish i could clarify to her that I only came to spend time with my father not her. But other than that, i love it here. Is there a song about it? You know, one that I can relate too. Oh yeah, Icona Pop’s song I Love It. Grandma i don’t care what you have to say, I LOVE IT.

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