“Dad Tell Me Something Random!”

My dad can be boring, weird, and funny when he wants to. I’m asked my dad to tell me something random and this is what I got:

  • Infinite. (DAD I NEED A SENTENCE)
  • Beyond the limit…. no no let me think of something.
  • Mind over matter… Something like that? (NOOO.)
  • I’m hanging out with my friends or or or i’m just hanging out. (He doesn’t get it.)
  • I’m going along with the flow. Go along with the flow something like that.
  • Healthy mind. No. Something like…
  • Empty minded…. I dunno.
  • Stay positive.
  • Be good and stay positive.
  • Always smile.
  • This is kinda hard for me. (OBVIOUSLY)
  • Think with your brain not your butt. That’s girls always sleeping with guys alot. (Oh gosh father.)
  • Stay healthy, stay fit.
  • Get down with the niddy greedy. (I think i spelt that correctly. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT. He’s clearly very old school.)
  • Bite the bullet.
  • You gotta be tough you gotta be strong. It’s from a song.
  • Reunite and stick together. Stay together. Stay together. Stay together.

As you can tell my dad

  • Is really deep
  • Not that funny; And i don’t get it from him.
  • Knows alot and maybe too much about wisdom.

Oh father why can’t you be funny like Amanda Bynes on Twitter?

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