My day


I feel like a failure… All day i’ve been wanting to blog but i’ve just been so busy. I woke up with this blog idea but then I remembered it was sunday and I only had 30 minutes to get ready so there was no time there. After church we went to eat tacos. And a stupid bitch cunt loser hoe old man knocked into me and made me drop a taco. I was pissed. But good thing he works there and gave me two. While I was waiting for my two tacos people were staring at me. What the heck. Why were they staring at me? Have they seen the incident or whaaaaaat. Once i get my tacos and sit on the table i notice my jeans were dirty from the taco that he dropped. I was pissed. And he also got my shoes full of salsa too! My favorite shoes. It’s a little drop but it’s something. I feel like it’s as big as a basketball. After the misery we went home with the family and hanged out. After they left everyone took a nap so i just went to my room to take a nap and thought, my eyes are tired but that doesn’t mean I’m tired. 2 hours later i woke up. I’m always wrong. Sike! I gotta stop being so negative. I also get so side tracked so easily. I just spent 15 minutes on Instagram. After that it’s just boring shit. We went shopping, went to my aunts house, came home, and clean my room.

But here is what i was going to blog: I had a very weird dream this morning. More like a nightmare to be precise. My best friend Selena just barely got her tattoo, in the real life. But in my dream, she didn’t and I went with her to get her tattoo done. At the tattoo parlor she had to go to a little room do get the tattoo done for safety reasons, i’m guessing for her to have sex after thanking him for making her dreams come true (she’s very easy) so i just sat outside in the “waiting room.” The next day I saw her she told me she was getting haunted all because of the room she went was haunted. I was scared for her. You don’t want to mess with those bitches. They can haunt you all night and there’s nothing you can do about it. Unless you look ugly naked, they will leave you alone. But in my dream i was tramatized. I went to the tattoo parlor to confront the guy to ask him, “What would happen if someone got haunted because of you.” Not because he did it to Selena. She can do that herself! She’s cray if she thinks i’m going to risk my life. But i swear when i confronted him in my dream i was already risking it. I asked for the guy and he came out of the room where he gives tattoo’s and he was already all pissed off. He asked me if I would join him for pizza IN THE ROOM. But i said no. One, i didn’t want to get haunted. And two, i’m afraid he kidnaps me or something. After I said no, he was still pissed off. I panicked and asked how much does a medium tattoo cost and he just said “are you kidding me?” And i just ran. Ran for my life. I ran out the tattoo parlor and went to the mall and down stairs to loose him. The odd thing about this dream is that i wished i someone would scream out my name. In my dream i suddenly body shifted to Ariana Grande. Weird right? She’s perfect and all but why her? Does that mean I had super powers? OMG WHAT IF IT WAS ME WHO WAS SELENA? Nooo it can’t be. I’m going too deep into this, i gotta stop.

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