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A Day With My Cousins

When i’m stuck on what to blog about, I write “poetry” so here it goes.

Went out to hang
out with my cousins.
The older one, Maria,
you can tell she’s
mexican by the last name,
she’s the babe.
I’ve been close with her
since I was a baby.
When my parents didn’t understand
what i’ll say, she was
the translator.
But in words shes
the white girly girl
of Mexico, awkward
on camera,
and four eyes chic…
I obviously don’t have
much to say about her.
She’s lame and fun
when you put
the effort,
The next sister is
my sisters age.
The wierd one,
The mexican Tina Fey
because she would say
things like,
“Learn your geography mother,
we cannot eat in the USA were
in Mexico!”,
a big fan of
One Direction
I mean she has
a picture of Niall
in a portriat
next to her bed.
When we were
at their house,
we listened to
Best Song Ever
for the first time.
We fangirled.
The next kid, is 10 year old
boy who is
very ugly,
it’s the truth even
his mother said so
when he dropped him off.
“Look, he’s so skinny,
dark, and ugly.”
He’s annoying though.
He’s the type of kid
who will beg you
if he can use your iPhone
when you don’t want to
and you say,
“My battery is going to
The next and final sister, is a 3 year
old girl.
She’s ugly, dark, and
weird. But aren’t all
3 years like that?
I dunno.
Not her.
Hardly talks.
And laughs too much,
and says random things.
And that’s the cray cousins.
They are the homies.
All day I was with them.
Ate lunch and dinner with
Which was odd cause
i thought they didn’t want
to eat food
from the outside.
They like to spoil me.

Wasn’t that a bit awkward? Okay I think i’m done now. I learned so many things about Mexico while hanging out with them. For example:

  • They play GOOD music on the radio. They even played Demi’s new single, Made In The USA.
  • Their hit song on the radio: Just give me a reason. I’ve heard it so many times on the radio.
  • The poor areas of Mexico’s don’t seem too poor or ghetto. Their house just needs to be painted and bit of decoration.
  • Moxa is another word of ghetto but in spanish. But they are mostly the one’s who put on facebook their name Natalie, NaTaaaliEe. That’s totally my sister.

I’ve also learned so much about my cousins and aunt too.

  • My aunt loves to take pictures and uploads them to Facebook. Whore. She made me take a picture with my cousin and upload it to my facebook account. My aunt is delusional when it comes to pictures too. She wanted me to take a picture with my cousin kissing her cheek, showing off how cute we can be.
  • My cousin Maria loves the idea of twerking. I taught her what it is and she just messaged me to twerk with her. Lord help her. Hopefully she doesn’t get obsessed with it, twerks too hard at parties, pulls a muscle, and then ambulance has to come and get her cause she’s in pain. (SPOILER ALERT).
  • My cousin the second to last one, the weird guy, loves to hug and be intimate. He put his arm around me, rested his harm on my shoulder, and made me eat a piece of his cookie cause he’s sooo cool. I just find those things awkward. Isn’t it me the one who is suppose to do that!? Cause i’m older? Mexico is making him cray.
  • The little girl, she gets to hipper when your hipper. I was just dancing for Vine and she laughed and next thing you know she’s hipper. She was laughing, saying things I couldn’t understand, get too close to me, get in the shot while making a keek, and loves to be silly, basically. It was so annoying.

I’m just glad to be home.

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