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Fabulous, Nipples Cut, Cousin Of Mine That’s Just Like Me But Better (Swagever)

I think i’ve had a heart attack! Me quoting to Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. Since i haven’t blogged in sooo long. Yesterday i was watching High School Musical 2 , thank god for mexico for having their lyrics in english, and listening to the song “Fabulous” reminded me of what i wanted my summer and my blog to be like. Isn’t the summer suppose to be the most funnest and best time on my blog? (This is the part when you scream hell yeah!) Well i’m a loser for failing at that. I’m going to try my best-est to blog. More. Than. I. Usually. Do.

Today I was suppose to go to the pool with my uncles but none of my cousins where going to go, only some second cousins. Those second cousins are so…. i wanna say weird but i say that to every Mexican… jock like. I’ve been told they have an iPhone so they probably think they are the shit to owning one. Here in Mexico not a lot of people have an iPhone cause it’s sorta expensive. Most people just own a blackberry or a Nextel flip phone. But on top of that they are huge players. I’m afraid they’ll invite me to their house to meet their friends that are girls and next thing I know I will get them pregnant. And I cannot let that happen. For the sake of my blog, friends, and money. Anyways, in plans of going to the pool I got ready at 3:30 to shave the hair around my belly button, nipples, and towards my in disguise V. It was hell. I cut a my nipple, didn’t fully shave off the hairs on my nipples, and left some hair on my stomach area. You could totally tell I just shaved from upclose. From up close, that’s the thing. If you were a foot away from me you won’t notice it. Plus I’m going to be all the way in the water. I ain’t going to be a redneck, being shirtless the whole time when i’m out of the pool. I looked myself in the mirror and said to myself, “Daniel just go! It’s summer! Go have some fun.” My uncle told me to be ready at 4:00 and it’s 5:45 and i’m still waiting. He’s forgeten me. That biyotch. All the suffering I did for him and for the family so that they don’t think i’ll grow up to be an ugly bear is now worth nothing. What ever. I had to do it sometime.

So here I am now in the kitchen drinking my cup of tea acting like i’m british. What the fuck are you doing with your life!? I really am acting like i’m british. I’ve sent Snapchat videos, keeks, tweets, and many more things in the future. Hopefully later I shall invite my cousin to the house and we’ll have a fun Mexican night. Hahaha yeah i doubt it. She’s so like me though. She begs her aunt to take her to Starbucks, on the internet the whole day, loves to buy clothes, she’s lazy, and has a rebellious side of her. The only difference is that she’s a female, she’s actually working this summer, spends most of her time on facebook (EW right?), and actually does get questions sent to her. Like what!? I always ask myself questions. How can she be more popular than me!? Swagever.

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