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I’m In Mexico!!!

I’m in Mexico! Oh yes! I’m so glad to be here, far away from the heat back at California. You guys have no idea what it’s like in the heat back home. My ugly step father shirtless around the house, my room feeling like an oven, no more hot tea’s, my annoying sister begging me to take her to the pool, desperately wanting to go for a walk but it’s too hot and many more. I’m SOO GLAD to be here. A place where it’s been raining everyday, where my grandma and my uncles never go shirtless around the house, a peace of quiet, and no chores to do. Now this is the Fabulous i’ve wanted. Well some of it.

I got here yesterday at noon but didn’t have a chance to blog. I fell asleep at 6:30 and didn’t wake up til the morning. I’m so lazy. I just couldn’t sleep the night before yesterday. I usually sleep at 2 AM and we weren’t off to the airport til 3:00 but for some reason I didn’t even sleep for an hour. I guess I was just excited to be here.  Back at the airport it was so odd. I was wearing my kick ass blaze, red velvet jeans, and this cool striped shirt. I felt like a skater boy. But one that wears blazers. One guy was staring at me, i’m guessing because of how fabulous i was dressed, and I like an idiot couldn’t not laugh. I was just smiling to him and he was like nothing. That mexican probably thought I was a celebrity. Hopefully having a shitty blog with 50 followers counts. After documentation, i was on a mission. For Starbucks. I needed my coffee for the morning, especially from Starbucks. That’s the only reason why I love that airport. Your thirsty? How about get Starbucks! It may be expensive and get you late to your flight, but that’s okay! You can worry about it when everyone in the airplane is staring at you as you walk down the aisle. I think they were just jealous because they didn’t think of buying a mocha frappuchino at a price of 58 PESOS. And the guy next to me didn’t even talk to me. Which was okay because he was a wanna be gangster listening to his rap music. Though he was sitting on my seat. I choose my seat by the window but seems like he didn’t give a fuck and wanted to sit there. I wanted to pull the Sheldon move, “That’s my seat.” But I was scared shy. Whatever if we get in an accident he’s going to die not me. I thought i was going to sleep the whole time on the airplane but I only slept for the last 30 minutes of the “wild ride.” When we arrived on the ground the airplane sorta felt like it let itself fall to the ground. I everyone screamed.

And here I am today sitting on my this weird wood chair crossing my legs making one of them fall asleep. Oh shit it’s bad. I can’t mooove. I’m so bored. When is the fun stuff going to start!? I’m trying to convince to my grandma by keeping myself busy that I’m having fun. I don’t want her to think, why did he come if he’s bored? I came to have fun with my cousins and to have an adventure yeah right. I have no idea what to do today. I might just read all day hoping it rains today. It was raining yesterday. And it was cold too! A Californian like me needs some rain and cold breeze to survive. Let’s see what bloody today brings me. It’s only 2:32, the day is still young. I’ve always wanted to say that.

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