What's on my mind

ARTPOP Release Date

OMG OMG OMG YOU GUYS, I’M SO EXCITED! THIS IS LIKE CHRISTMAS. I’ve been waiting for this forever. DJWS, Lady Gaga’s producer, confirmed it on twitter. Plus Gaga herself said she’ll have a party when she announces ARTPOP release date and

20130712-145344.jpg SO IT HAS TO BE REAL. NEW GAGA MUSIC MEANS up all night radio promo, listening to countdowns with little monsters on twitter, vines and keeks about Gaga’s new single, the funny and hilarious theories of the music videos, the amazing Gaga outfits, every celebrity tweeting how much they love the single, the delusional fans, the fan wars, Gaga’s performances, Gaga contraversies, Gaga taking every Award. I’M SO EXCITED.

I’ve been a Monster for the The Fame Monster Era, Born This Way Era, and now i’m ready for the ARTPOP Era.

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