My day

My Best Friend’s Birthday Party

Sunday. The day you go to church. But I didn’t! I went to a party instead! Not a party party, I’m not that popular. But a kick back party for my Best Friends Birthday. She turned 18! Ah! It feels like it was just yesterday we were small talking in the hallways in middle school. I’m like the youngest of all my friends. I swear, my friend better wait for another year before she does anything 18 year olds do, with out me. Her party was fun though. Meeting her family was a crazy one. First i met her uncle and he would be like, “Where are you guys going!? I have my eyes on you.” We’re off to the front where nobody can see us, as in you, to make out and have sex, that way passing cars can pass by and enjoy the show. But he was kidding, obviously. When it was time to go, he would stare at me, with the creepy face, playing around, to me while he was hugging everyone at the same time. Then my friends grandma came along and talked to us. She taught us to never text because it effects you in the future, it’s better to talk on the phone because you can tell the emotion, when on a date pretend as if your holding a penny between your legs, how teens nowadays don’t know how to dress and she can’t tell whether it’s a boy or a girl at times, never fall for someone stupid, and leave the jerks. And she was 100 percent correct. But she was mostly talking to another friend who came along too, telling her to forget her ex because he’s a jerk off. Basically. Then, oh boy, my friends grandpa, haha well he’s another thing. He would tell me to achieve my goals, work hard, not be lying to him whether or not if i like old music or else he’ll cut my ear off, and to have grandchildren. But mostly, he talked to me a lot because he was a bit tipsy. But he’s a nice man. I guess I needed that. I just wanted to go home and go back to my old routine so that this day didn’t seem different than any other.

Just a couple more days and I’m off to Mexico. Oh hell yes! I started talking to my old friend Kelcie. I told her we can hang out sometime this upcoming week but I guess I can’t anymore. And she’s going to be pissed. I don’t care anymore. I true friend would understand. If not, bye bitch. I just want to fast forward to the day I leave to Mexico and get everything over with.

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