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Overdue: How I Spent The 4th Of July

It was a very patriotic day, wind in my 2 cm long hair, the fireworks just propelling my heart feeling proud to be an American! *Game shows buzzer* ERR! Wrong. It was a very lazy day for me. The only fun thing i did was play the Wii with my annoying cousins. Is that American enough? That day we had family over for dinner and head off to see the fireworks. Well they did. I didn’t. This town is a small town and everybody who is everybody goes to see the fireworks at the park. And I didn’t want to go. It’s summer! The only time where I don’t have to see the bitches I hate from school. I clearly don’t care about the fireworks. I can go to Disneyland any day and see the fireworks there if I wanted to. If I was rich. When I heard the fireworks outside I went out to see and after 5 minutes of looking, I see a possum eating something off the ground and run to my house. I was so scareddd. What if it attacked me!? It may have rabies! I could of died! I was so scared. That was when I realized my day is over.

So there you have it. That’s how i spent it. It’s been about three years since i was last here for the 4th of July. I always spend my summers in Mexico and “celebrate” it there. I wanted to do something different this year like go to the beach and watch them there but no. That’s not how my family works. My mom is so lazy she didn’t want to drive half an hour. God bless America with everything in it. Including my lazy mom.

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