Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Teenagers Nowadays *eyeroll*

Counseler at San Diego High School. You? Your just a basic because this is the worlds best job. Guess where I get my language from. Finding funny reading glasses on the floor in the hallways, taking phones away, the priceless faces of students that tell you they want to kill you, gangster students blasting their music in the hallways to Tupac, girls drinking Mountain Dew when a guy brakes up with them, makes my job so fun. There are some weird and funny students out there. One student wore a shirt that said, “I’m so black i could be Orange. Go figure.” I have no idea what he meant by that. My theory is that he loves drinking Orange kool-aid but who knows. Teenagers are thoughtful just for attention. Half of the students here are black. Which is cool because they make the school different than any other. I once found a group of girls twerking on the lockers. I obviously told them to stop. The principal, he’s kinda weird and took screenshots of the students twerking from the cameras around the school. I asked him why he does it and he said because his wife is so boring it makes his dick numb. I couldn’t believe he told me that but you know, he’s my boss. I always find myself jelous of the students here too. Their only 16 years old and yet they have bigger boobs and get more action than me. How’s that possible?! I had one student come into my office talking about how his ex girl friend would shit in the bathroom the whole time during lunch so she wouldn’t hang out with him. He knew she wasn’t pretending because he saw the dirty toilet paper that she droped on the floor. He looked under the doors and then a student reported him and that’s how he got to my office. That’s just so weird. Who does that?! Maybe that’s why they were named Prom King and Queen. Their story was spread around the whole school. They called the girl, soft dick giver pooper and the guy, desperate for the vadge. There was another student who every friday, named it Ratchet Friday. She kinda became popular that year. She would just be so random and take pictures and uploads them onto Instagram. For example she would lay on the boxes of pizza the cafeteria lady’s set outside for the custodian to pick up, had her hair messed up like ke$ha, wrote “Let’s pee in the spotlight” on her forehead, stole a branch from a tree, called a student butthole engineer on open mic, and many more things i can’t recall. Student’s nowadays are getting weirder and weirder every year. At least at my school.

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