My day

My “Love me hate me, say what you want about me” Dream

I had a weird dream last night. Well not weird just really realistic. I’m just saying that to make myself seem normal. I had a dream that my aunt was in town so we went to Barnes and Noble. Which is so odd because she speaks Spanish and i doubted she wanted to buy books here in the USA. But who knows it’s a dream, anything could happen. I remember going my own way, looking at the books. And right when we were going to leave I asked my mom if I can buy a book. Which is something I still deal with today. I buy so many books that mom gets mad I don’t read them and because I should spend my money on something else. But it’s my money. I can do what ever I want with it. If my mom heard that she would slap the white out of me. Back to my dream, I was suffering. I wanted that book so bad. It probably was a fourth book to the Fifty Shades Of Grey series. But my mom said no because last time i was complaining how cold it was in the house I wouldn’t show that i was cold. But apparently I was cause i would scream, “It’s cause I had a blanket on!” All she said in response was, “I don’t care. No is no.” Now lets pause this for a moment. How does that have to do with anything? How does that have to do with my ownership of a book? I remember as we were exiting the store, I was crying and crying because I wanted that book so bad. Me crying for a book? That’s so me. I would do that in reality. There’s times when I’m just so mad or upset at my mom, I start to cry or at least try to. And my mom would yell at me, “Wow! Your 17 years old not 5. Just look at how your behaving.” In a way it’s true but she just doesn’t get it. But I would do the fake crying noise and hope that works to convince my mom. But in my dream it didn’t. And finally, I remember quoting to my mom, “Love me Hate me Say what you want About me.” Which is from Britney Spears song, If U Seek Amy. And in my dream i acted like it was a good quote my mom should keep inside her head for her to think about as if those were my last words before I died. Just like that.

Maybe it was my crazy dream that made me want to wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual. I always wake up at noon and lay in bed until 1 in the afternoon. But not today. I woke up at 11:30 AM. I used the time wisely to make myself tea, I never knew they really can wake you up in the morning, and doing what I love, blogging. I’m so proud of myself. Sleeping until noon is a huge waste of time for me. I use to wake up 8 AM and read all morning while getting fat at the same time eating snacks, until noon. But now I can’t do that because I’m such a lazy ass. Waking up til noon is nice but only every once in a while. Not everyday like i’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks. The fact that I woke up earlier than usual was progress! Where’s my reward? I should receive a free book for that or something. Mornings make me want to see the daylight. I want the sun to soak into my skin to release energy and stay be humble all day. Yeah right! I just want to read and eat in the mornings.

It wasn’t until last night early in the morning that i realized today is the only month i have this year to relax with out having anything to worry about. June was alright. But then again I was still in school and I had to worry about my SAT and ACT tests and scores. In which I scored very low. But this is the only month I can do anything I want and have fun. Good thing I’m spending most of the month in Mexico. If I wasn’t going to go to Mexico this summer i would of gone mad. It’s just so boring here on twitter getting nothing out of it, eating the same American food, watching an boring hour of Baggage, taking a nap at the night, and doing nothing for the rest of my day, everyday. Good thing I have my blog to blog. Somewhere everyday is a different day. But in my reality. It’s not.

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