I’m Easy When It Comes To My Mom Threatning Me

I always tell my mom stuff and she threatens to me to shut up. Like the other day i told her my step mom looks older than her and she was laughing but she got me to shut up threatening me. These are the things she says to me that make me wanna shut up or do what she say’s because i know she’s not playing around:

  • “Shut up or else I’m not going to cancel Netflix.”
  • “If you don’t let me pop your pimple I’m not going to let you go out with your friends.”
  • “Help me research something online or else I’m never going to give you money.”
  • “If you don’t clean your room you can’t have any soda.”
  • “Go get me a beer.” “Do it before I smack you.”
  • “I’m not going to stop smoking. You have a worse affect on me than cigarettes do.”
  • “No Daniel you’re not going to die. But I don’t know cause I’m not a doctor.”
  • “I’ll only allow you going camping with your friends if you have sex with them.”
  • “Sometimes I just wish I sent you to live with your father.”
  • “I think it’s about time you loose your first communion.”
  • “I don’t want you to become an alcoholic but i want you to at least know how to drink.”
  • “Are you seriously happy being in your room all day?”
  • “The day i discover a picture or a video of myself online because of you i’m going to throw away your phone and not get you a new one.”
  • “The day you live alone you can get all the tattoo’s you want. But for now I allow you get my name on your butt. Or on your penis if you want to.”

All of these are 100% true. It’s clear my mom doesn’t give a shit.

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