My day

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada day! I knew it would be a great day since the very start of the day, in the early morning. I stayed up midnight til 3:30 reading Postcard Killers. I love that book. It’s so entertaining. I haven’t stayed up reading a book in a while. I was hoping to finish it til 5 AM but i was too tired. Yeah you guessed it. From doing nothing. I just need 100 more pages  and i’m done with the book. And off to the next book. I have no idea what book i should read next. But why am I telling you guys this? You guys could care less.

What is Canada anyway? I always thought it was a day to celebrate how amazing Canada is. But what is there to celebrate about? The birth of Justin Bieber? I saw some friends of mine on instagram, went to Canada to celebrate Canada day at the woods. What the heck? I thought you were American. “Oh yeah were off to the woods to celebrate Canada because Canada is like the woods. Scary at night but really there’s nothing to be scared about.” And I’m saying that because their government doesn’t do anything. In a way it’s a good thing but then again, it’s so boring. What is there to talk about? Us Americans? “Kim Kardashian gave birth to her child in California. Too bad she didn’t have her baby here in Canada or else we could of given her free bacon.” But what do I know? I never pay attention in History class . I don’t even watch the news. They can be going through a war and I don’t even know it.

Today I did nothing just like any other day, on weekdays. Woke up at noon and did basically nothing. And by that i’m talking about laying on my bed, using my iphone, and going to my sisters room to bug her. Oh and I ate food. The usual. But hey, what a great way to start July! HAHAHA. Thank god i’m going to be in Mexico for the rest of the month. My dad called today and he sounded a bit desperate but in a fatherly kind of way. He wanted me to spend more time with him than with my mom’s side of the family. I don’t care anyways. My mom’s sisters always talk shit. “Why aren’t you working!? Do something you lazy American!” And I reply in a sassy way, “I’m on vacation. I didn’t come her to work. Duh!” And my subconscious wishes he said, “Now shut up you bitches. You guys tell me this every year. IT GETS OLD EVERY TIME. Now go to your husbands, and annoy the fuck out of them. Not me.” What I’m most looking forward to on my trip, is going to the beach! But that’s in August. But still. I’m super excited. Three days at the beach, relaxing, and not giving a fuck on what’s happening to the world. Unless it involves the sun that wants to give me skin cancer. My biggest fear. 

And here I am now, I’m just sitting on my desk, hating myself for the huge pimple i have on my face, wishing i had something cold to drink here with me, hoping i could go see my friends tomorrow and hoping my friends don’t notice my huge pimple on my face. Why can’t my face be perfect just like every celebrity out there? I’m not talking about the ones in the Proactive commercials, but the ones who are naturally fabulous. Why can’t I like them? But it’s okay though. *Making myself sound less desperate* I’m sure I’m going to pop the heck more of my pimple later tonight. Just like i do everyday before I brush my teeth. Dear lord, please help me.

Tonight i would like to dream about paradise. A place where I don’t have to worry about the heat. The loud noice of my fan. How about a place where it’s raining! I saw on Lohanthony’s vine that it was raining hard where he’s at and feeling so jealous at him. I would kill to be there. I hate the summer heat in California. Also the sunny days, everyday. It’s so boring! I want a day of the week where it’s different every day. One day hot, one day cold, one day warm, one day rainy, one day windy, one rainy day, and another rainy day. There you go Mother nature. I solved your plans for next week! But back to my dream, i want to be at place where it’s raining all day and do nothing but drink tea, and read all day. That sounds so relaxing.

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