What's on my mind

Goodbye June

Today is the last day of June. Waaaaaaah! One month less of summer vacation. At least i have all of July and part of August. I don’t how i should feel. Happy or sad. But really this month was a bit boring. I mean I had some fun with my friends this summer that i haven’t done but it’s not the best summer ever, ever. Get me?

Highlight of the month: Going to the fair with my friends and seeing Emblem3 live. That was so much fun. I kinda felt like a poor hooker because two of my friends had the unlimited rides and I only had 20 dollars worth of tickets. Woops. But it was fun. Some of the rides were so scary i kinda screamed. Ah. But once i got on the ferris wheel oh my. That was so scary. The guy purposely stopped us on top for a while. I was just afraid to die and fall to the ground. What if there was an earthquake and the ferris wheel falls to the ground? That would be so scary. I also discovered my sister has a crush! Last night she was on Facetime with a guy at midnight. If my sister is talking to a guy on facetime that means one or two things: She’s going nude on the cam or she has a crush on the guy OR OR OR they’re dating. It’s so cute. Watching my sister grow up makes me wanna shed a tear. She’s not a little kid anymore. And yet she gets more and more bi-polar everyday.

Favorite blog post’s of June: That’s a deal breaker. A 30 Rock fan fiction in which I enjoyed writing. I Need A Little Fabulous Is That So Wrong? Because I still feel like it’s true. And Ways Coca-Cola can be use for part 2. Because they are so random and ridiculous.

I guess I’m ready to move on to July but just because I found a way to put my iPhone on airplane mode and turn Wi-fi on for my visit to Mexico. That way I don’t get charged with for using my service in Mexico. I’m just so excited to prove to my family Mexico I can be a hipster too with an iPhone.

*Off to my wonderland that pictures Selena Gomez performing the song, Roman In Moscow* Amazing performance.

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