Features That Would Make Sharks Cool

  • Rainbow fins.
  • Having them as pet’s in shark tanks would scare away the spiders in your home.
  • It’s skin change by the season.
  • Sharks that can do tricks like dolphins do.
  • Fins made out of metal so people wouldn’t remove them for fin soup. It’s possible to cut them but who would want to eat a piece of metal?
  • Make an unique noise just like whales do.
  • Allow them to mate with turtles.
  • Easy to identify every shark so that we could keep up with them just like the Kardashian’s.
  • Little hairs around the mouth.
  • Have pouch just like kangaroo’s do, for their baby’s.
  • Sharks can hear us talking under the water and reply to us by using their unique voice.
  • Teeth that glow in the dark.
  • And a shitty personality that would make everyone visit my blog.

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