Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Locked In A Mall

“The mall will be closing in 15 minutes. Please make your way to the exits.” Said the voice over the intercom.
Shoot where did park? I think I parked at the north side of the mall. It takes me 10 minutes to get there if I hurry up.

I’m walking as fast as i can. Looks like all the stores are closed. Hm. Uh! That security guard looks is hot. I walk slower as our eyes meet.”Is there enough room for me and you in that purse of yours!” Says the security guy ad he winks at me.
“Ew no you jerk off go away.”
Psh who does he think I am? Wait a minute that was Brittany Furlan from Vine! Omg. I love her Vines she’s so funny. Wait why am I in a hurry? Oh right they’re going to close! I’m almost to the exit of the north side and I realized I parked at the east side of the mall. Oh shoot. I gotta hurry. I walk back in a hurry as I’m the only one on the hallways and start to freak out. What if somebody comes up to me and scares me. As I get to the door, the lights turn off, and the gates are closed. 15 minutes have passed. Shoot! I’m going to have to stay here until morning. Now what am I going to do?
“Hey! You! Why did you drink all of my diet cokes that are in the fridge!” Says a weird man wearing a black button up shirt and white pants.
“I didn’t do it! I’m just locked in.” I say and i noticed i’m standing next to a kiosk where they sell soda. Oh lord.
“Yes you did! I had a long day at work today and I just went to the restroom. As i come back I have a craving for a nice soda and you ruined it and drinked it!”
“It wasn’t me. I promise.” As i say so, i run to the other side of the mall. It’s going to be a long night.
The lights in the mall are still on. Just a little dim.
I walk around and notice Target is still open but nobody is there. Woo hoo! I’ve always wondered what managers keep inside their cash registers. I look under the computer and notice there’s a blue folder. Inside there is a book named, Riddles for target workers. Hm okay.
I’m classy like a tie. Target.
Who has the best collection of books? Target. We have an infinite number of the Fifty Shades Of Grey books.
We make you wanna get an orgasm when you save…. Where working on this one.
“Hey! What are you doing here!” Says a tall man in red and black jeans. Damn he must work here.
“Sorry I was locked in.”
“Oh me too. Don’t read that!” He yanks the folder and book from me,” That’s top secret.”
“I’m sorry I’ve just always been curious what you target people hide underneath the cash registers.”
“Well we don’t have money there. I can tell you that.”
“I know. You have a pipple on your forehead. Can I pop it! Yeah let me do it!” I grab his head and pop it immediately and the pus jumps to my shirt.
“Look at what you’ve done!”
“I know it’s channel. Ew!”
“I care less about that, I have Hemophila and I won’t stop bleeding. Look at what you’ve done!”
I start to scream, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! NO NO NO. I’m leaving! Bye!” I don’t want to jail for this. I just can’t. It was an accident. Right?
As i start running out of the door I run down to the second floor. Oh look H&M seems to have people in there. Lets check it out.
As i walk in i see two teenagers sitting across from each other, talking and smoking. Marijuana! Oh my. Those idiots.
“Guys look it’s a woman run!” Says a guy wearing a red shirt with blue jeans.
“No i’m locked inside. I’m not going to do anything. Can I join you guys? I’ve got nothing to do.”
“Yeah sure. Want some?”
“No thanks. What’s your name?”
“My name is Aaron and this is Chase.”
“Hey what’s up! My name is chase and you look like you can be my new investment.” Said Chase. He’s handsome but for a teenager. I’m 21. Um no.
“Hi. My name is Lana.”
“Lana! Like Anal backwards? Oooooh!” Says Chase and high-fives Aaron.
“Were just talking here. We come here every night just to smoke. And the workers here never close the doors. Ha!”
“Oh look an iguana on the door! AHhh! Don’t let it pee on you! Don’t! It’s poison can make you never get an orgasm for year!” Said Chase, sounding paranoid. I look at the door but i don’t see anything. He must be hallucinating.
“Oh my! Looks like he’s on Lana! Ah! Now she will be able to orgasm since she’s a woman!” Says Aaron.
“Now that’s just silly.” Says Chase.
“Chase has been taking LSD for years now. Just go with the flow. That’s what i do.” Whispers Aaron.
“So I want that fabulous you know. Sometimes I wish my blood was yellow Gatorade you know. Oh my. That just makes me wet. I’d be a vampire all to myself.” Says Chase. He is soo high. I can tell. Earthquake. Oh gosh.
“Ahhhh catch the knife i have in my pocket! Now!” I don’t catch it. It lands on the floor, jumps, and cuts Chase in the face and then Aaron. The earthquake is over now.
“Oh my gosh that was scary. Are you guys okay? You guys are bleeding.” I say to Chase and Aaron.
“OMG WE ARE?! Fucking shit! We both have Hemophilia! We won’t stop bleeding.”
“OH my! I’m out. You guys need to carry your medication with you at all times.” I say as i run out the store.
Once upon time A few mistakes ago I was in your sights You got me alone You found me You found me You found me.” Says Taylor Swift, I Knew You Were Trouble, in the intercom. Why is the music playing? Gosh is it morning already?
I’m feeling a bit light headed. It must be from the aroma of marijuana back at H&M. I think i’m going to faint. My vision is bluring. Ah!
Now i’m lying on the cold hard ground

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